al meer dan 50 jaar ervaring

The Course


The first Dutch company to organise "white water" courses from a country that has no such facilities. Sounds a little bit strange, but now already for more than 40 years!  Stip-yaks does just that on rivers all over Europe.

Most of the Stip-yaks kayak-courses last for five days, starting on Monday. We try to paddle a different section of each river in accordance, with the groups/individuals aptitude, aiming always at progressing. Our courses are limited to 25 persons,  5 people per instructor, enabling him to keep a careful eye on everyone. Pleasure, and learning in a relaxed way are our principle aims.


Anyone in reasonable physical shape and able to swim can participate. And..... don’t forget your sense of humour.


Each morning at 9.30 a.m. there is a short briefing before taking the transport to the designated site. During the trip the instructors will be able to answer any last minute question and help you, to prepare you mentally for the days descent. After an intensive morning, lunch by the river, a short siesta and off again to practice our newly aquired skills. Our aim is to have fun, go with the flow, and not against it.

On Friday-evening everyone reunites for the "course-closing dinner"  where your instructor will remind you of your heroic acts and also of those things you would prefere to forget.  (Meal not included in the course-price)