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The Soca flows in the northwestern part of Slovenie, quite near the Italian and Austrian border.
In a gorge(ous) setting the river winds its way through the unspoilt country.

The water of the Soca and its tributary Koritnica is improbable clear, and is directly used as drinking water. Having its source nearby the Triglav (magical summit for Slovenia) in a national parc with the same name, the river struggles it way through different gorges, naturally-limitting in that way each of
our day-trips.

Just a few shuttle’s are needed, and only some km.driving from our basecamp, to paddle very nice day-trips. Impressive and worthwile to mention, is the section Zagar-Trnovo, the goal of the fourth day. Our talents will surely be tested on this stretch of  the Soca.

Camping Toni ,on the confluence of Koritnica and Soça

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Date Wk Dys Program Level
Date: 01-07-2024 Week: 27 Days: 5 Program: 5 days course Level: B1 B2 G1